Who knew Chicken Pot Pie could be so good ?



If you haves ever eaten at Jones in Philly and had the chicken pot pie there you know that it's bangin. Yes bangin. The top crust is light and flaky and the insides just delicious, not unlike most of the Stephen Star restaurants the food is always good. The boyfriend and I decided to attempt to recreate it and used this recipe by a sweet chef blog for an individual pot pie. IT was super SCRUMPTIOUS ! It took a very long time because I do not have a food processor and we had to make the crust by hand and I don't have a rolling pin so I had to use a glass BUT well worth all the hard work. The filling makes more than one recipe of pie crust if you do individual pies. I would also recommend just putting a crust on the top or rolling the bottom crust almost paper thin because of the ratio of filling to crust (and I am a crust loving type of girl). Also easy to freeze the filling and use another time!