Whetstone Tavern

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A week ago my sisters and BFF from Pittsburgh came to Philly for the Ben Rector concert (he is an awesome singer/songwriter check him out!). The show was at TLA and we tried to go to Whetstone Tavern the Thursday before but it was packed. This time we made a reservation and arrived for dinner before the show. We started off with three cheeses: 3 month manchego, cana de oveja, and quadrello di bufala. They were all delicious but we probably should have mixed it up more since they were all soft mild cheeses. The olives were the good kind and the honey with almonds were good enough to drink on their own. My friend had the stuffed zucchini and broccoli rabe. It had the right amount of crunch and acid, but was lacking in portion size compared to price and prep required. It was well balanced although my friend didn't realize how bitter broccoli rabe was and did not enjoy it. I had the rabbit tetrazzini which was the best dish on the table. The pappardelle was tender, the sauce creamy and flavorful, and  although the rabbit was a little dry it was delicious. One of my sisters had the crab cake which was dense and a little bland; not my kind of crab cake. It was also on a Martin's potato roll (as was the burger) which is advertised in the menu, and the reason I did not get a sandwich. I think restaurants of that caliber should use some sort of proprietary bread not one anyone can get in the grocery store. My friend said the burger was good and I can testify that the fries were the perfect amount of mush and crunch. My other sister ordered the tri tip medium well and it came out medium to mid rare. The meat itself was chewy, but the potatoes were good. I wouldn't eat dinner here again, but I would definitely try apps and drinks (I just have a hunch their apps and sides are good). It has a great vibe and is in my favorite neighborhood so I'll be back!