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We bought a Mozerella and Ricotta cheesemaking kit today at Barry's Homebrew Outlet. In about 30minutes we made mozzarella. It was pretty easy and I know the pictures aren't great, sorry. 1 gallon makes 1lb of mozzarella so it comes to around $3 a ball. Totally worth it and fun! I definitely want to try some different types of milk to see the difference it makes and find the best one. So I never posted this but since the original time we made this we have tried another 3 times. We used 2% milk which really didn't go over too well, the curd didn't want to stretch and the yield was lower. At the same time we did 2 % we also did a batch with whole milk and that turned out way better in my opinion much more creamy. Finally we tried using raw milk (fyi can be a little dangerous as it could possibly contain salmonella because it is unpasteurized but we took the risk). The rules for raw milk are a little different, you cannot heat it as high before you put the rennet it so we had some issues with that and I didn't think it turned out as nice and creamy as the whole milk, once again will have to try again ! Very fun activity and you don't really have to buy a kit you can just buy the rennet and citric acid offline (liquid format is better anyway).