Valentine's in the Raw

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In honor of St Valentine this year the hubbie and I dined at Umai Umai in Fairmount. We picked sushi because I was still finishing off the elimination diet and still had many restrictions. We started with the Tuna Bimbim which was pickled daikon & carrot, marinated spinach, egg yolk, kizami nori, ginger-soy, cooked tableside. The server came out with a hot cast iron bowl on a wooden plate containing a ball of rice with sesame underneath and raw sushi grade tuna and a raw egg on top. I wasn't quick enough to grab a picture before he took two spoons and started mixing up the contents of the bowl. We were able to continue to mix things around until the tuna was cooked to our liking. I thought it was delicious and the ginger soy really complimented the dish. The rolls we ordered were Spirited Away, Spartan, & King Kong. The Spirited Away was sesame crusted tuna, red crab, cucumber, avocado and a chili soy sauce. The soy was thick like a reduction and made a great dipping sauce, it was a yummy roll. David had the Spartan which I didn't try was miso marinated beef with shrimp tempura; he said it was good but wasn't very "sushi-esque." After the first two rolls we decided we were still a little hungry so we ordered the King Kong which was good, just your basic roll. David finished off the night with a chocolate lava cake a la mode which he said was delicious. The fresh fish combined with unique rolls made for a sushi place I will definitely be returning to !