TWD_DC: Anzac Biscuits


Another Tuesdays with Dorie cookie in the books and I surprisingly loved them. When I first saw the recipe I thought they looked plain and boring but I really ended up liking them. They were super quick to whip up and I loved that it was all done by hand, I've been making so much in the mixer lately. We were shopping at Wegmans when I saw Lyle's golden syrup and remembered I needed it for something so despite my hubbie balking at the price I bought it. It was totally worth it, it has almost a brown sugar-brown butter taste and I will have to look for more recipes to add it to. I had to run out right before I was about to bake them so I threw them in the fridge which seemed to keep them from spreading too much. They remind me of a oatmeal raisin cookie but way less sweet, which means you feel like you can eat more of them. They have a nice firm outside with a little squish inside. My husband who doesn't like coconut couldn't taste the coconut and really liked them. I will definitely make these again and want to try a gluten free version.

*I probably could have cooked them 2 minutes less, because my oven does not keep a consistent temperature. If you're looking for the recipe buy Dorie's Cookies!