TWD: DC: Classic Jammers


These are the cookies I've been wanting to make since I got Dorie's Cookies. They kind of remind me of raspberry oatmeal crumb bars but even better since they're more sturdy (although I wouldn't be against trying an oatmeal crust).  They are everything I wanted them to be too. Crunchy, sweet, melt in your mouth buttery goodness with a hint of salt.

To fill these amazing jammers I used Raspberry, Strawberry, and Grape Jam, and Lemon Curd. I ended up making twice the amount of crumb because I thought I could use it in the future but I got a little crazy on the first batch and used all TWO batches of crumb topping. I'm not mad about it. This makes a lot of cookies but invite some friends over and they'll be gone in no time. Next on my list are the Honey-and-Tea jammers!