TWD: DC: Anytime Tarragon-Apricot Cookies


A pretty simple recipe this week and one I was apprehensive about flavor wise. I'm not a licorice fan at all, in fact the only anise flavored food item I enjoy is fennel (and I don't even like the pollen). I thought about making them with rosemary like many people did but my grocery store had fresh tarragon so I felt like I should do it right the first time. I thought about buying the Turkish apricots at Trader Joe's but they were more expensive so I didn't and then felt like an idiot when I read Dorie's note after my shopping trip about them being better for this recipe! Oh well, next time.

I sort of like the cookies. I really enjoy the crumbly yet melt in your mouth texture (lets be honest I'm always a sucker for butter cookies) paired with the slightly chewy apricot but am not a fan of that slight anise flavor at the end. It is definitely not as strong as I though nor does it linger so I could see how these would pair well with a glass of white wine or some tea! I made two sizes in case my tasters don't like them.

*Also a side note the photography is so inconsistent because I actually photographed in my kitchen for once which is SO DARK!