TWD: Corked Breton Galettes

This week I scrambled to make these cookies because I spent last week baking cupcakes and a cake for a wedding. Congrats to our friends Matasha and Justin!!

I made the batter Monday night and stuck one log in the fridge so I could slice and bake in the morning and the other in the freezer to consume at a later date. I ended up weighing the egg yolks (incorrectly because my scale makes it hard to see the bottom of the digit) because I had a bunch of egg yolks after making meringue icing. Although I don't think I had enough yolk the cookies came together just fine. I followed instructions and went to the beginning of Dories Cookies to see how to best create even logs. I basically ended up wedging the dough like you do clay which worked really well and I was also able to get the wax paper trick right on the second try! It was also my first time doing the muffin tin trick which would have worked even better if my cookies slices were more even.


They are like salty shortbread, I'm not sure I could ask for anything better. I love these cookies and will definitely be trying many alternate fillings. I will be making lemon curd this week so I can see the batch in the freezer getting filled with that or dulce de leche...or maybe both! I'd like to try them with some Irish butter (Kerrygold) next time to see how high the salt content tastes when baking.