The Dead Rabbit

drank fishnchips sandwich chxpotpie roast 2014Mar22_7193Last weekend we were in NYC to meet our friend from Slovakia and his mother for her first trip to the US ! We were down in the financial district doing the touristy stuff like the 911 Museum & State of Liberty. After we finished with most of our activities we decided to catch a bite in the financial district. Most of what the area has to offer is closed on Sunday and a lot of the other choices involve steakhouses or other expensive restuarants. I asked my sister to find us a good place to go because she was at home on her computer. SO she used the powers of Yelp! and found us The Dead Rabbit. It was very close to Battery Park (quite convenient for us) and a nice warm reprieve from our walkathon of a windy day.

It is an Irish style pub with Irish servers too ! Just from looking at their cocktail list I knew they made a good cocktail so I ordered a Mister Blackwell which was Black Bush Irish Whiskey, Oloroso Sherry, apricot, lemon, honey, egg white, and tiki bitters. It was delicious, as most egg white cocktails I have ingested have been. It reminded me of a whiskey sour but with more flavor depth. I ordered the Fish and Chips, which was really good at first but then the fact that the batter had an underlying burnt flavor started to get to me. The fish was overly crisped on the outside but tender and flaky on the inside, so the dish was winning there. David had the Chicken Pot Pie which he liked but I though had WAY too high of a chicken to filling ratio. Our friend, Lukas, had the corned beef sandwich (he said it was good) and his mom had the Sunday Special which was a prime rib roast served with yorkshire pudding, brussel sprouts, potatoes, and carrots (she also said it was good). Overall it was as good little escape and I would definitely come back to drink  again and possibly try some of their other offerings in the future.