The BEST Tiramisu I've Ever had

I went to visit my sister in NY and we went to this little panini and coffe place on the Upper East Side (near her school) called Via Quadronno. I had the Il Tiroler which was ok, definitely not worth the $13.50 I had to pay for it but hey thats what you get on the upper east side. What made mine good was the fresh tomato and goat cheese whereas my sister, who had the Barbagia ($ 14.50) had no veggies and unfortunatley the camerbert cheese did not make a loud appearance. In addition the wild boar prosciutto had a very gamey taste which with the lack of anything to overpower or compliment it did not taste very nice. LUCKILY, the entire restaurant was saved by their amazing tiramisu, now I usually don't get tiramisu because its never really tasted that great when I've had it. I usually would rather have a nice solid cake buttt that was before I tasted this one, which thankfully my sister insisted  on ordering. The top layer was so light and sweet and delicious and the bottom layers were thinner, spongy, and moist.