Tashan for Restaurant Week

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Everything at Tashan comes out hot and as soon as its done so it is sort of more "family style" which I love because I am all about trying as many things as possible but if you don't want to share it isn't necessary. We did the restaurant week menu and had the Wagyu beef, Tandoori Shrimp, and Minced Chicken. The beef was tender and the soy reduction was nice with the onion rings. I wasn't really a fan of the cucumber-peanut relish because it was cold and sort of had a chunky texture and I didn't really think it went well with the plate but was overall good. I loved the sauce that went with the shrimp, it really complemented all of the spice and flavor on the shrimp. The kebabs were definitely interesting, it seemed almost like a sausage, but much more tender and definitely spicy.

For the entrees we had the lamb shank, venison soolay, and butter chicken. I am a sucker for butter chicken so I loved that and it came with naan and rice for dipping/mixing. My actual dish was the venison soolay which was AMAZING, SO tender and the chutney that came with it complemented it nicely. I wasn't that impressed with the taste of the lamb shank, it was in this sauce that was pretty bland, although presentation was great.

Dessert was either a chocolate souffle (meh, I make a better one, it just wasn't chocolatey or thick enough) or creme brulee (which I don't really like but David seemed to enough). Portions were generous for each course, it was definitely a great bang for our buck for restaurant week and they served items that are all normally on their menu (which is great because it gives you an actual taste of what the restaurant is like).