This week I am in Denver, CO and this is probably the  closest I've ever posted to actually eating the food. The look at Tamayo is modern industrial with Edison bulbs, lots of natural wood, leather booths, and an exposed ceiling.  The Mexican element was a huge mosaic behind the bar and vast selection of tequilas. My server Justin was very nice and the food came out quickly. I ordered the Oaxaca Chihuahua cheese enchilada and caramelized plantains with chipotle butter. The enchilada was ok, but I ate it all because I was very hungry. The presentation was nice and the tomato-chile chipotle  sauce was flavorful, but the filling lacked flavor. I think another component could have been aded inside to step this one up a notch. I also ordered the side of plantains and they were a definite winner. I am always looking for plantains that can compete with my Grandmother’s (she was Panamanian and always made us the best friend plantains when we came to visit in NYC). These were definitely fried to perfection and all but one slice were the right amount of ripe. The chipotle butter added a sweet but spicy zing to the dish and was a great way to finish off my meal. I wanted to return for drinks after work, but unfortunately they close at 10pm.