Talulas Garden for Graduation

Talulah's Garden for graduation, one word DELICIOUS. My sisters, two friends, and boyfriend arrived before my parents and I because we had to go get my keys for my new apt. When we arrived they had ordered The Master Collection-Eight From the Farm. I thought the cheeses were good but none were super impressive esp. for the price although their display was awesome. There were bell jars over the wedges and a sort of cheese bar to create the cheese boards. Of the 'beginnings' father had the pan saute of crispy veal sweetbreads, pickled peppers, mustard and sweet onion sauce which was good but sweetbreads scare me a little (pancreas) but he loved it. My mom and I had the tender braised veal, rosemary pappardelle, kale, mushrooms and garlic-tomato jus. My only complaint was that the pappardelle was not as 'soft' as I usually have it, it was thicker and a little more al dente than I am used to. For dinner, in picture order: the special --> red snapper, roasted leg of lamb, honey glazed squash, braised kale and nicoise olive vinaigrette, seared sweet scallops, caramelized cauliflower, golden raisins, crisp capers, and crumbled pine needles, grass-fed Pennsylvania beef and braised rib, pink peppercorn, and buttery purple-top turnips, and finally muscovy duck breast and confit duck leg, autumn chestnuts, pears, and spicy mustard greens. I had the scallops and I must say they were just amazing, done perfectly and with a bit of the raisin the sweet really worked and then throughout you got the crunch of the pine nuts. My next favorite was probably the braised rib, very tender, lamb isn't really my thing but the 3 that had it really enjoyed it, and the snapper was very plain but cooked well. For dessert we had: green apple champagne sorbet over crunchy granola, steamed fig pudding with goat cheese ice cream, little sweet ricotta doughnuts with coffee chantilly, dark chocolate cremeaux with bruleed orange chibouste and tangerine supremes, and a chocolate pudding tart with caramel pecan ice cream. All of the desserts were yummy, I'd say the steamed fig pudding was surprisingly delicious, almost like a lighter and spicier bread pudding. We also had some chardonnay, they gave me a flute of sparkling wine and a candle for graduation, it was very sweet.  I would definitely go back, everyone enjoyed it, the service was great (Bonnie !) the atmosphere was great, and as always for Stephen Starr restaurants the decor was great.