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I went up to Maine for a friend's bridal shower last weekend (same one I did the little anchor cake for) and we went out on the town in Portsmouth, NH. A friend of ours always goes to Street, like to the point that they worried about her when they didn't see her for a few months. Pictured first is the Bibimbap which was so flavorful and delicious. Because of the skillet the meat gets a little char on it and the flavors were rich and sauces yummy although it didn't quite taste like normal bibimbap to me, more like the greasy fast food version. Next is what I ordered, the Porchetta sandwich, which is slow roasted herb garlic pork over a bed of arugula and sharp provolone. I liked it but the meat was  a little bland so I got some chipotle mayo to add a little heat and creaminess, it was a good choice. On the side were the yucca fries which I think would have been much better if cut thinner because they were so tough, but maybe thats what yucca fries are supposed to taste like (I have only had it boiled and mashing in Panamanian dishes). The Peruvian lime dipping sauce though, no words, so good! Next pictured is the Cubano with shredded pork which I can happily say I enjoyed, although I don't usually like Cubanos, because I've had too many with gristly pork. Not pictured here was the Cemita sandwich which our friend, the regular, got with the juicy chicken and it was absolutely amazing. It definitely reflected food truck food, a little greasy, flavorful, with a little kick. My favorites were probably the Cemita and Bibimbap. We also had some pretty yummy cocktails, hopefully we come back for brunch after the bachelorette in a month !