Strawberry Milkshake Goodbye Cake

IMG_1510 IMG_1509 Our good friend Trish is moving to Nashville soon so we had a little goodbye party for her with close friends with a Philly theme. No this cake has nothing to do with Philly, but Trish likes strawberries.

The recipe: I made the cake 2 days before, poured the milk over the cakes and then stuck them in the fridge on a silpat, covered in plastic wrap.  I didn't want to freeze them, because I thought that when the cake defrosted it would be too soggy. What I did seemed to have worked out, because it was delicious. I made 4 6" cakes and 2 4" cakes and froze 2 of the 6" and the 4" for another time, I have no idea why this cake made so much batter. The mix of butter and cream cheese in the icing definitely did make it taste like a milkshake. I made two different batches of icing (a half batch and then a quarter sized batch so you need 3/4 of this icing recipe to ice a 6 inch cake). That is why there are some rough patches on the sides of the cake, the two icing batches came out as different textures, I believe, because they were made at two different temperatures (the latter was a little warmer than room temperature). That being said this cake is not one that will hold up in warm weather, because of the cream cheese in the icing, but fine if you're going to eat it right away. I also had the opportunity to use garden fresh strawberries which meant I barely had  to add any sugar to the puree.  I definitely want to make this one again but make it a bit prettier next time!