Steak and Soubise

IMG_2067 A few weeks ago I attempted the Twice Fried Porterhouse from Bon Appetit. Instead of one 3lb steak I had three 1lb steaks and didn't think to adjust for that so they cooked too quickly and came out well done. The flavor was still robust and I could sense the potential ( I will try again and blog it) so I used the same butter/spice mix when I cooked this strip steak. It was still frozen inside so the same principles applied, I didn't do the rub beforehand so it didn't have as much flavor. I baked it and measured the internal temperature until it reached 155, basting it the whole time, then I pan fried it. Alongside I made soubise, rice made with seasoning and onions then fluffed with cream and parmesan. Recipe below !

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.56.30 AM