My sister took me to these two amazing places, it was supposed to be one but we shared the Mac and Cheese so I decided I wanted to try Artichoke Pizza too because it just sounded so good. First we went to S'mac which is an adorable name. We had the La Mancha which was "a taste of Spain" with manchego cheese, fennel and onions. It was super yummy, I feel like we should have gone for four cheese or hamburger, (my sister's favorite) but it was still really good and there's always next time... YES there will be a next time. They have lots of options, take-out and vegan/lactose free options. Its in the East Village. Around the corner is one of the locations of this small place called Artichoke. They have a few kinds of pizza but the artichoke one is apparently the best. It was AMAZING !! It was like a creamy, almost Alfredo-like artichoke sauce (sort of like a creamier artichoke dip) with cheese on top and a really great crust. Overall I'm pretty sure it was the best pizza I ever had. Yup can't wait to go to NYC to eat again :)