Skillet Mac N Cheese

IMG_7255IMG_7254 My smallest sister came up from Nashville on her way through to our other sister's bridal shower. I asked if she wanted mac n cheese or skillet pizza and she chose the mac. I have had this recipe on my Pinterest for a while so I decided it was time to try it out. I read in the comments that it wasn't flavorful enough so I added extra chili powder and topped it with breadcrumbs. I did use ground turkey instead of beef (which probably would have been more flavorful). I don't make turkey often so I'm not accustomed to adjusting recipes for it. When we ate our first helping we all decided it still didn't have enough flavor so what to do but add more cheese. My sister grated about another 6oz and mixed it throughout the dish. We then coated the top with more cheese, breadcrumbs (a mix of panko and 4C parmesan) and then some pecorino romano then popped it in the oven. The second helping was delicious and my sister said it was even better the next day. When in doubt add more cheese!