Simply Shabu

IMG_0291 This one will be short and sweet. My husband had some friends in town for work and I had a friend in town from Belgium so naturally when we heard there were a few Shabu Shabu places in Philly we took them to one. Shabu Shabu is a hot pot meal where you typically have very thin, bacon thin, slices of beef or other meat with vegetables that you cook in a boiling broth. When I ate it in Japan I always went with a bunch of friends and we paid for an unlimited amount of meat and veggies and shared one pot of broth.

At Simply Shabu you get your own pot of broth in which you get to choose the flavor, your choice of udon/cellophane noodles or rice and a whole lot of veggies. You also get to choose from a bunch of different herbs, and sauces to make your own dipping sauce. The combination I chose was kimchi broth, udon noodles, and the "sauce of the day" (hoisin, soy, chile oil, scallions). It was A TON of food, just so many vegetables along with the meat that I was not able to finish my meat but definitely tasty and a great experience. I didn't really favor the kimchi broth and would probably try the beef or chicken next time. As for authenticity it was pretty on par except for the broth flavor, they did not have the typical Japanese broth flavor (Ponzu).  We will definitely be going back to try more flavor combinations and will also have to try the other Shabu Shabu place in Chinatown, look out for that review in the future.