Seattle Lunches


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This past weeks trip to Seattle brought 3 lunches all included in this post. The first day I was so hungry after my workout I decided to just try out the restaurant at my hotel. Tulio is supposed to be one of the best Italian restaurants in the area so I figured it was a good one to go to anyway. They serve focaccia to start which was perfect; it was almost like a lighter brioche. For lunch I had the lamb ragu over papperdelle which was rich but not heavy like a beef ragu. My only qualm is that there was about a tablespoon of fat spread throughout the dish in large globs, which is extremely unappetizing to me. Not the best Italian restaurant I've ever been to, but not bad for lunch.

The next day as I finished my run I snagged a ham and gruyere filled croissant from Belle Epicurean, a little bakery & cafe. When my co workers recommended it they told me the chef studied at Le Cordon Bleu so I decided I had to stop in. The pastry was delicious as to be expected, you really can't go wrong with that combination and the layers in the croissant were airy but buttery.

Later that day I went to Country Dough for lunch, which is this little place in Pikes Place Market that sells Chinese food in crepes and pita (basically). I ordered the No 1 Szechuan flatbread. The flatbread, which I would call a pita, was flavorless and thin, it almost reminded me of a thicker cracker. I guess the wrapping had to be plain to support the filling which was full of flavor. It was spicy, sweet, and the beef was sliced thin as a piece of cardstock, yum! I enjoy it with a milk tea, which made me reminisce about all the milk tea I drank in Japan. This isn't the kind of place I could eat every day, but perhaps every now and then.

The next day brought my bike adventure to Gnocchi Bar. I was in the mood for some comfort food and did a search on Seattle Eater. Gnocchi Bar was a bit too far to walk so I was going to compromise and go somewhere else when I walked out of the hotel and saw they had bikes to rent, go Kimpton ! So I signed the waiver, hopped on and pedaled up hill the entire way to the Capital Hill area of town and Gnocchi Bar. It was a cute little place that also served gelato and alcohol. I ended up ordering the Portobello Belles and it was good, but didn't quite hit the spot. I like my gnocchi light, fluffy, and without resemblance to the potatoes they came from and these were dense and very connected to their potato roots. Perhaps I should have tried the polenta ones, I definitely should have ordered The Manley (pork/beef meatballs in a tomato sauce) instead but I was trying to be a little bit  healthier. The pesto sauce definitely packed a punch with the peppers and the artichoke complimented the pesto nicely. I didn't feel like the dish was cohesive, I would have taken the peppers out and added a sauce of some kind, but like I said I had order regret. I liked the concept and feel of the place so I would definitely go back and try something else there!