Sausage and Spaetzle

We have some dried spaetzle from when we went to Josie's and decided to use some up by making Bratwurst sausage and spaetzle. I found this recipe and it turned out pretty darn good. The creaminess of the sauce with the tang from the mustard (Inglehoffer stone), which I added a little extra of because I was so pleased with the flavor, provided a dynamic sauce to the bland spaetzle and sausage. I also added a large Vidalia onion, used baby bellas instead of button, cooked the sausage over the whole lot, and scallions instead of chives although if I had chives I would have used them.  I think next time I made it I'll try to find a coriander sausage and also add a little Gruyere cheese. We both were completely full when finished and froze another portion and a half for a later date.