Restaurant Week No. 1

So It was my friend and former roommate Abby's Birthday and consequently restaurant week. This is when many of the Philadelphia restaurants do a prix fixe menu for $35 (3 or 4 courses). You sort of have to scope out the good restaurants, ones that usually have high priced menus but are still giving you good choices for their restaurant week menu. Abby decided on Phillips, I wouldn't have picked it mainly because it is a chain, but it was her birthday so her choice ! We sat in the VERY dim lighting on chairs that had fish carved into the back (eye-roll). Our server was training with another server, the primary server did a good job, the trainee did not, he just kept forgetting everything. Abby had the best dish, the shrimp scampi although it did have that preservative kind of taste, but she liked it.For my first course I got the cream of crab soup, really thick and delicious, next I had the Mahi Mahi with a side of green beans and potatoes in a Thai curry sauce over coconut rice. There was a cute little gauze wrapped half lemon for squeezing with out the seeds which was cute. This dish was NOT good, the Mahi Mahi wasn't as light as it should have been, more the consistency of salmon, but it was the best part because the coconut rice was mushy and didn't have a good flavor, the Thai curry wasn't good and after Abby said it tasted like soap I realized she was sort of right.  Luckily dessert was delicious, I had the Choc'late Lovin Spoon Cake which was like two layers of chocolate cake with a frozen chocolate pudding cake in between, yum !  The Key Lime that Bri got was ok, I'm not really a fan of cheesecake but it tasted average to me, and the carrot cake was super moist !