Restaurant Week-Garces Trading Company

For Restaurant Week this spring my restaurant week buddy Alyssa and I went to Garces Trading Company. We were crammed into the usually restaurant week formation where we were basically touching the other patrons, but that is to be expected. One very cool thing was the wine store inside of the restaurant so that customers could pick out their wine for their meal. We ordered sangria but it was just white wine with fruit put into it (it hadn't been soaked), but it was only $5 a glass. For the first course we had a soft cheese with truffled honey (good with a tiny bit of the honey on bread) and a country pate in a jar with a jelly on top (tasted like cat food and had the same consistency). Then Alyssa had the Funghi pizza with wild mushrooms, taleggio, and black truffle (ok but a little dry because there was no sauce) and a cheese something (can't remember). It had a crumble on the bottom, almost sweet, with a creamy swiss chard dip like center and a cheese top finished off with a fig (delicious, cheesy, sweet balanced by the bitter of the swiss chard). I had the scallops for my main course but the garlic in the green sauce was overwhelming, tasted fake and the scallops were rubbery (the best part was the roasted/boiled garlic). Alyssa had the Fusilli in a bolognese sauce, which was delicious, the pasta tasted fresh and it was a good portion size. Finally for dessert we both had the "winter cake" option. This was way too sweet, it was layers of cake with white chocolate on top. Overall it wasn't a great meal so it was my first fail of the Garces restaurants. At the end of the night we got some macarons from their little bakery and they were once again OK.