Pizza Challenge Week

IMG_0582 IMG_0585

Homemade Buffalo Chicken PizzaIMG_0590

Bagel Bites


SOHO PizzaIMG_0580

Worst Pizza of the Week: Wawa FoccaciaIMG_0611

Pizza Hut- Pepperoni Stuffed CrustIMG_0614

Pizzeria Vetri-SalsicciaIMG_0615

Pizzeria Vetri- Rotolo IMG_0613

Pizzeria Vetri- Slice of the Day IMG_0619Bufad- Slice of the Day



Little Ceasars- Bacon Wrapped Crust and Cheesy Bread

David "I love pizza so much"

Victoria "So do I!"

David "Yeah but you couldn't eat pizza every day of the week"

Victoria "How about every meal"


This past week (M-F) we have eaten pizza breakfast, lunch, and dinner intermixed with some granola bars and salads. Some pies have been better than others but it's been a pretty fun week and definitely provided some good talking points! I think my favorite piece this week was Bufad. I love thick crust pizza and this one was perfect dough wise, just the right amount of crunch with some soft doughy insides. My favorite salad is apples, red onions, and gorgonzola. This was basically that in pizza form with apple butter rather than apples. The onions were caramelized so nice and sweet which complimented the pungent gorgonzola perfectly, yum! Any questions about the rest of the slices of the week, feel free to comment below.