Pancake Pantry







( seems like the kids liked Pancake Pantry just as much as we did ! )


SO David and I drove down to Nashville from Harrisburg around 6pm and arrived around 5:00am (directly above was the result... 11 hour trips are rough on the looks). We took a little nap in a parking lot and then met up with Tasha (my baby sis who goes to Belmont) on campus and went to THE Pancake Pantry. This place usually has quite the wait but I figured since we were getting in so late/early we could go and skip the wait, which we did. I had the Georgia Peach Pancakes, yum but canned peaches and a thicker sauce than I would have liked, but the pancakes were light and fluffy and DELISH. David had Pecan Pancakes which once again pancakes were good, pretty normal if you like pecans in your pancakes. Tasha, OF COURSE, got the Swiss Chocolate Chip Pancakes, they were delicious I mean who doesn't like good pancakes topped in chocolate? No one finished anything, we probably could have ordered two plates and shared but the prices were SO reasonable, no more than $8 a plate ! I would definitely go to this place again, if I didn't have to wait.