Osteria (finally)

SO I've been waiting to go to Osteria for a long time. I wanted to go with a friend when we both turned 21 because of the extensive wine selection, but that never happened. When another friend asked me to go I jumped at the chance. We went while I was in the middle of studying for finals so it was a bit of a quick visit. One of the breads was really good, it was some type of rosemary foccacia with a very buttery crust. We each had a beer, the Sint Bernardus (?) Christmas brew (DELICIOUS) and a beer made by Stouts (a bit bitter). We had the Lombarda pizza which was baked egg, bitto cheese, mozzarella, and cotechino sausage. It was pretty good, not life changing but good. We also had the Polpo pizza which was octopus, tomato, red chili flakes and smoked mozzarella. I didn't feel like I tasted all of those things, minus the chili flakes which made the center of the pizza very hot, as the octopus was a bit overpowering. I asked if it was going to be chewy and our waiter said no but It was too chewy for me and not cut up into small pieces which made it hard to eat on top of a pizza, although it did look pretty neat.