New York New York

David and I went to New York last Saturday because we had a free Saturday and its only $20 on the Chinatown bus so why not ! We got there around lunchtime and were trying to go to BAMN! an automat, but it turns out it was foreclosed. So instead we went across the street to Dallas BBQ David ordered baby back ribs with cornbread and fries, I ordered a BBQ brisket sandwich with a baked potato and coleslaw. The rib meat was pretty good but the BBQ sauce on them was just ok, the fries were tasty, crunchy but not too thin, and the cornbread was just dry. My brisket was tender and delicious also with the BBQ sauce, but it complimented the brisket better. The baked potato was like any other, lots of butter and sour cream and the coleslaw was homemade and much better then the packaged version some restaurants use. Our server was foreign and nice, but in general the place was a bit of a wreck, all the employees were sitting down in the other dining room eating and one of the servers shirt was untucked and her tie was a mess. It wasn't a bad place but i certainly wouldn't go out of my way to go there again. I'd give it two lamps two forks three napkins

We also went to Pietrasanata an old favorite that I always rag on my parents for going to, but David hasn't been there yet so he had to get in on the experience. Its a tiny place with good service and nice people. The manager kept checking in on us and our meal and the host was kind. We called about 45 beforehand but were still able to get a reservation although the place was packed. I had the Fettuccine 4 fromage, and David had Fettuccine Verde. Both were of course delicious, mine was like cheese on cheese with more cheese, :) heaven. David's was like a pesto made with basil and spinach which dulled the flavor a little but not in a bad way, also served with onions and mushrooms. We were too full for dessert so we didn't make it to that. I will always go back here, even if I do like to find new places.