New Orleans

IMG_1720 IMG_1723 IMG_1816 IMG_1764 IMG_1766 IMG_1763IMG_1754About 2 months ago I traveled to New Orleans for work and let me tell you it was HOT, but I was able to get some good eats in ! The first place we ate was called Bon Ton which of course when you say it in a southern accent sounds like Bon Temps from Trueblood, naturally. We were planning on going to a place called Cochon, but the valet guy convinced us to go to Bon Ton and we were underwhelmed. It was very touristy with many dishes involving some sort of gumbo, jambalaya or etoufee. I ordered the crawfish jambalya and as you can see they were kind of like a smaller more tender/less fatty shrimp. The crawfish were tender and plentiful but the rice didn't resemble jambalaya in my mind. It was too dry and had a high sodium content but wan't spicy enough.

The next day we went to Butcher (brother to Cochon) and I had the Pork Belly Sandwich with cucumber and mint on white bread. The fat was cut by the cucumber and mint so it had nice balance, but there was still something to be desired. Perhaps I just didn't enjoy it being on white bread. My boss had the cubano and said it was one of the best he ever had. He also went to Cochon with his wife later that weekend and said everything was delicious.

That night we went to Domenica and ordered the roasted cauliflower with sea salt and whipped feta, the bruscetta with burratta, ribeye, and caramelized onions. My co worker ordered the calabrian chicken alla mattone with polenta, leeks, peppers, and radicchio which he liked. The cauliflower was recommended, but was bland although we liked the whipped feta (I definitely want to start doing it at home). The bruscetta was absolutely delicious; it was so flavorful and the combination of the beans, ribeye and burratta was scrumptious. I think this was my favorite restaurant of the 3 we tried.

Finally I went on a run down bourbon street and finished at Cafe du Monde. What a reward ! I ordered 3 beignets and a chocolate milk; they were too rich for me after the run so I ate 2 and gave away the last one, win win. They really are better than any beignets I've ever had before, nice and light while still totally coated in oil and sugar.

I definitely want to go back and get a fuller experience when I'm not working .