My Birthday

For my 22nd Birthday we went to Silk City on Friday for drinks and dancing, breakfast at Sabrinas, the casino on Saturday and Bella Cena (byob) with friends on Sunday. At Bella Cena I had the oxtail ravioli which may sound gross because it is literally the tail of an ox. BUT it is slow cooked and then put into this homemade ravioli and covered in a sage butter sauce and it all just melts in your mouth in amazing deliciousness. Abby had some sort of seafood linguine (she ALWAYS gets seafood), which was tasty, Alyssa had mushroom and broccoli risotto. The risotto was a little undercooked for me and just ok, definitely nothing compared to my ravioli. Leanna, a vegetarian, tried to get eggplant parm but they were out so she had pasta with vegetables, which was good but nothing out of the ordinary. Our waiter loved me for some reason and gave me a surprise tiramisu for my birthday and he also decided to pick my heels up off the floor and arrange them onto my chair (i was wearing flats at this pointt) sooo odd. We finished off the night with some Capogiro, a great end to any meal, especially an Italian one!