Momofuku Crack Pie


Ooey, Gooey, Decadent, Sweet. I saw this recipe on Pinterest and was intrigued before I even knew what Momofuku Milk Bar was but then I started listening to a bunch of food podcasts and found out pretty quickly as they are quite popular in the foodie universe. I first made this recipefor my book club and saved half the pie shell in the freezer for another gluttonous date in the future. I decided to make it post Whole 30 because what better food decision is there after depriving yourself of sugar for a whole month.

It is a pretty easy recipe although there are a lot of moving parts so I would definitely recommend making it over two days. This isn't something you get to eat straight out of the oven, it needs to set so setting your expectations for that is important too. I also recommend making it when you know there will be a group of people over because each tiny bite feels like 3-bagillion calories and it probably is (but so worth it). The pie tastes like an extra gooey blondie on steroids with a dose of caramel. It contains plenty of the baking world's form of crack, sugar, oh and also butter, lots of butter.

**I have got to buy a prettier pie pan ya'll because my plain white one just isn't cutting it and I thought I'd try it in a tart shell to make it look pretty which it did but I also lost a lot of butter while it was cooling. DON'T make my mistake, use a pie pan!

***If you only want to do one pie I recommend checking out the Bon Appetit recipe, I would also follow their cook time.