Home 231

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We FINALLY went to Home 231, the restaurant across form David's in Harrisburg that doesn't do brunch on Saturdays, who the heck doesn't do brunch on Saturdays ??? We finally made it to early service one day and then went for brunch. I had one of my brunch favorites huevos rancheros, it is different at ever restaurant so its kind of a good standard to judge on. This one was served with not quite ripe avocados, chorizo sausage, and ranchero sauce and a giant hashbrown on the side. Presentation was good but it wasn't really served as a cohesive dish but more separate items on the plate, which is how it tasted. The eggs weren't too runny so I liked that part, the ranchero sauce and chorizo were yummy, but the hashbrown although it looked cool was quite dry. David had the stuffed french toast with vanilla cream. Presentation was great but the taste was lacking, I prefer two pieces of toast with stuffing you can see, there tends to be more stuffing. The fruit was fresh and sausage was a bit dry. I know this sounded overly critical but I would try this place again, dinner next time, I've heard it's pretty delicious !