High Street on Market

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I have been wanting to go to High Street for a while now and I was in the area for lunch so I went to check it out. I was indecisive about what I wanted, but landed on the duck meatball sandwich (to go). Luckily I scored a complimentary loaf of sunflower and apricot bread, ah industry perks (as I just finished my old job in the wine and spirits world, they are no more). I rushed home to consume my delicious smelling sandwich and plate it for some quick pictures before I scarfed it down.

When I opened up my carryout package I found they had even included the pepper they garnish the plate with, it was a bit hot for me so I did not add it to the sandwich. The sandwich itself was delicious. The meatballs tasted much like regular meatballs but had a much higher salt  content and were covered in slighly spicy marinara. The cheese was mild enough that it didn't take away from the meatballs although there wasn't much in the way of toppings on one side for some reason. My only qualm was that the bread was too hard so as I bit the insides were squeezing out. I've written before about getting that perfect mix between meat and bread no matter what sandwich you're eating. This did not pass the test, but at least the bread itself was good, I would say it was most like potato bread with a baguette-hard crust. It's basically a high end Italian sandwich, I definitely want to go back and try more of their items especially the bialy with whitefish, love whitefish.

The bread also had a very hard crust, but that was expected for this kind of loaf. The inside was flavorful and just the slightest bit sweet. The apricots helped keep it moist all week. I used it for chilli & in the morning toasted with cream cheese or Brummel spread. Definitely worth trying out if you're in old city!