I keep seeing this on Pinterest, "I tried Blue Apron and this is what happened."The phrase makes it sound like a dragon popped out of the box or something crazy happened. WELL, I tried HelloFresh with a coupon from the gym and  although there was no baby dragon I saved time on  grocery shopping and meal planning that week, HelloConvenience! My favorite meal from the first  order was a seared steak, pan cooked, with a mint chive pesto and spring succotash. The mint chive pesto was something I've never tried before and I will definitely make it again; it made my palate dance it was fresh, light, and cut through the fat to help balance the meal. I like that I was able to get some creative cooking tips from some of these recipes. This week I'm looking forward to the french onion soup burger. Another cool aspect of these meal services is they give you the recipes so if you want to recreate them on your own and do your own grocery shopping its extremely simple (recipes live on their websites).

Planning weekly meals can become a monotonous task when you wear the pants in the kitchen, so to speak. Resources like these meal services help to mix it up every now and then and the best part is you're still cooking everything from scratch but without the grocery shopping. My husband also likes that there are no leftover bunches of parsley or cilantro going rotten in the fridge since everything is portioned out. The prices are a bit high but because the services are so flexible you can solely receive meals when you like the selection for the week or if you're thrifty like me only order when you have a free or discount code.

On that note my Hello Fresh code is QZRN84, you can receive $40 off a meal and I get $20 off on my end which makes it very affordable and worth it ! Once you sign up you can share your code with friends to receive the same discount and just keep passing the love on!

*I've also tried Blue Apron but I like their meal selection less and you are only able to order 2 meals with a protein whereas with HelloFresh if you choose you can get 3 proteins. HelloFresh IS $69 vs Blue Apron's $59 though. I've also signed up for the first-time-free-meal-discount with Plated and Green Chef. Keep y'all posted on what I think of those services as well.

**Pictured above is the Blackened Tilapia with Crispy Potatoes and Blistered Veggies.  It was tasty enough that I took it for lunch the next day. The veggies and potatoes were probably my favorite part.