Hawthorne's Cafe

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David and I did brunch at Hawthorne's Cafe a few weeks ago in Philly after church. I had one of the specials, meyer lemon pancakes with fresh blueberry compote and cream cheese, well I'm a sucker for lemons and cream cheese so I HAD to. It was pretty good, I wish there had been more of the blueberries and cream cheese, the lemon came through and that was nice with the blueberries. Overall ok, but not my favorite. David had the chicken and waffles which he liked but didn't dig the poached egg on top at all, he said it was basically runny and tasteless and didn't really understand why it was there. It's a pretty cool place, if you haven't been there the concept is basically loungy, brunchy, lots of beer and beer to go. It is not your typical brunch spot but definitely works, it isn't going on my favorites for brunch but I would go to hang and grab a beer and maybe something to share with a friend !