Green Curry Attempt No. 1

IMG_6081_0431IMG_6094_0444IMG_6103_1042IMG_6100_0450IMG_6105_1633IMG_6106_1634 I work as a strategist for a consumer insights place *shoutout* we are called Plannerzone. While working some focus groups this summer in Denver I met a woman who told me she had a great green curry recipe. If you know me you know I love to try new things when I eat but I can never resist ordering Green Curry when I get Thai food I just love it so much !

Attempt number one included a run to Wegmans and the Vietnamese grocery store to attain all items. It is a long process, but not a difficult one and I enjoyed cooking it but the flavor wasn't quite what I desired. Next time I will look for a recipe with heat to it; this one contained no chiles so it was lacking the authenticity I associate with the dish. It was also very sweet because of the coconut milk. I don't think the chili and ginger oil added much flavor so I would cut that out as well. One part of the recipe I did enjoy was cooking the jasmine rice with coconut I will definitely do that in the future. If you are looking for a sweet recipe though this one is for you. Attempt No. 2 will be coming soon, stay tuned.

Green Thai Curry