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Gnudi, similar to gnocchi, are made with ricotta and semolina. I had these at Fork about a month ago and they were these little amazing pods of pasta filled with rich, creamy ricotta,  so I figured I would give them a try at home. Mine are quite ugly but luckily tasted pretty yummy. The procedure is to make the mix of ricotta, cheese, and eggs, then add flour and nest them in semolina. Mine were really wet and I had to add about 1/2cup extra flour and they were still wet but I didn't want to ruin the recipe so I just put them in the semolina (this is why they are so ugly instead of being smooth and round). The taste was creamy and definitely rich ( I could only eat 3 at a time), but the cheese was a bit overpowering and that is coming from someone who loves cheese. I made the brown butter sage sauce from the recipe and added one small winter squash from Trader Joes. I did not make the second emulsified sauce because I was reading it on my phone and apparently hadn't read or remembered carefully the first time I read it.

For Next Time: I think next time I would cut down the amount of cheese, perhaps to 3/4 cup and use parmesan instead of pecorino romano (Locatelli always) like I did this time. I will also make that second emulsified butter sauce. I definitely need to use a different ricotta, either fresh or a different brand. I had read an article on ricotta in preparation for making this meal and when they didn't have the brand I was looking for my brain apparently went out the window and I forgot to look at the ingredients. The blog said to look for ricotta only made with whole milk, an acid coagulant, salt, and nothing else. Mine had xanthum gum and some other stuff which I didn't remember to look at until I got home. I think this contributed to the super wet texture when I was mixing. Next time I'll make it fresh! I can definitely see the potential here and will be making corrections and trying again.