Giorgio on Pine

IMG_3868 The first time I went here was the summer before I went to TU, my sister was here doing a program at U Arts and Giorgio was their go-to because it was close to their apartment. I remembered it was good and have friends who dined there often because they lived close by so it was a quick suggestion when friends came into town. I love a good BYOB for a friend-union. I had the bucatini with crisp pancetta, shaved Vidalia onion, tossed in a spicy white wine marinara sauce. Bucatini is like linguini but thicker and with a small hole through the center, it's delicious and provides more texture to the pasta dish. The sauce was rich and the sweetness from the vidalia onions balanced with the salty pancetta kept me wanting more. It may not look like much but it was absolutely delicious, after 3 bottles of wine we took my leftovers home then reheated them and ate them that night  (that good!). David had the rigatoni with sweet sausage and bell peppers in a marinara sauce. I thought it was tasty but his sauce wasn't as rich and flavorful as mine, also rigatoni isn't as fun as bucatini. Our friends enjoyed their meals as well. I tried the gorgonzola gnocci and the gorgonzola wasn't too overpowering nor was the cream too thick as I have often seen in the past with that dish. Their gnocci are the thicker type, which as I've talked about before aren't my favorite, I like them light like pillows. We will definitely be back as the prices, service, and food were great !