German Hangover Lunch

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A few weeks ago my husband and I traveled up to Harrisburg for a good friend's birthday. We arrived hungover and quite early (I had to take my car in for inspection). Wonderful angel Lauren is, took us to a German place in Mechanicsburg called Josie's for lunch. Mechanicsburg is right across the river from Harrisburg, a little geography for those that don't know central PA. Josie's is this tiny little place inside of a house, you eat on picnic tables with the plainest plates and silverware and can see the kitchen from where you sit. There are about 5 tables, some very nice people serving you, and man is the food delicious. We ordered the Jaegerschnitzel and Kielbasa for our meals. The Jaegerschnitzel is like none other, the pork is not too tough, as I have often had it, and the breading is light, somewhere between a tempura and a regular frying batter. Then there is this delicious white wine mushroom cream sauce which seems more French than German, but just goes perfectly with the pork and homemade spaetzle. It was a perfect hangover cure and if I had more space I could have eaten two! Though the bratwurst was average, as most are, the potato salad was absolutely delicious, I am going to have to get the recipe from someone's German grandmother.  I heard the sauerkraut was good as well as the pickled cabbage (not my forte). If you ever find yourself on the west shore of Harrisburg definitely try this place, it is delicious, and they have a little store where you can buy a plethora of German foods !