IMG_3751 Every year my acapella group does Friendsgiving and dessert is sort of my thing so I made this lovely salted caramel apple pie by Saveur. I used my food processor (with slicer attachment) to get my apples ultra thin. Side note: I took the lemon juice/sugar mixture after the apples left it and cooked it down to make an awesome simple syrup for cocktails. It has just a hint of apple and makes a clean tart martini. My pie dish isn't deep enough so I made a mini tart with the extras and although the caramel dripped out as it was baking, I put foil underneath to save the bottom of my oven. It was delicious and I will be making it for my family's Thanksgiving next week with some Jeni's salty caramel my ice cream scooping sister is brining home. Give it a whirl, its a lot of steps but it isn't difficult and fun fact it uses cocktail bitters !