Friends from Afar and PYT

In November my boyfriend and I had two of our good friends come to visit. His friend is from Sweden so we wanted to show him a good American meal, we took him to PYT for burgers. I had a burger ... don't really remember what was on it specifically but it came with a pickleback shot (surprisingly good). The burger I remember was good but nothing to really remember. Ludwig, the Swede, had the thanksgiving burger, so of course it was a turkey burger with a cranberry sauce, sweet potato fries, and gravy (ingenious). Elisabeth had a cobb salad (no a burger girl) and said it was the perfect blend of ingredients. David had the highlight of the evening the Krispy  Kreme sliders with mini Krispy Kremes and chocolate covered bacon, which were surprisingly delicious. PYT has a cool atmosphere and good food I would definitely go back to drink and to try the funky burgers on the specials menu.