For our 1st anniversary in September my husband and I went to Fork. I've been wanting to go for a while and thought it would be a good occasion to splurge. We told them it was our anniversary so we were each served with a complimentary glass of pink bubbly. Our servers were very attentive and knowledgeable about the menu. We did the tasting menu for $75 each (4 courses with homemade bread and treats served throughout). After we ordered we were served a dehydrated something I can't remember but it was almost like fruit leather only very salty paired with a celery drink. Then they served these little japanese crabs cooked to be eaten whole served to look like they were fighting with chives. These little guys were so unexpected and adorable ! They were crunchy but the shell was no thicker than a chip even if it was a bit tougher; I would definitely order them again if I saw them on another menu. Then we had tiny old bay madelines, pretzel bread filled with cheese and wheat bread with rosemary butter (my favorite was the pretzel bread). My first course was the scallop crudo with fermented parsley. It was served in slices as thin as a nickel with beets. It was delicate, mild, and delicious. David had the vitello tonnato which was raw veal, raw tuna, tonnato sauce, capered cucumbers. I was a little hesitant to try raw veal but it was sliced so thin it didn't even taste like veal or anything I've ever had before. The texture and thin nature reminded me of lox but not salty or fishy. The capered cucumbers and I believe melon added a nice acid balance. Next was bread with what tasted like cream cheese and butter had a baby, a very pretty baby.  My second course was the gnudi served with shy brother’s cloumage cheese, dandelion greens, watermelon radish. The gnudi is to die for and I feel as if it may be my white wale of cooking, I want to recreate it so badly but my first try was sorely off. The outside was almost as thin as a sausage casing then when you bite you get this unbelievably creamy ricotta then the sauce has this bite from the dandelion greens and radish that cuts through the fat for a mouthful of awesome. There was also this tiny bit of crunch from I think breadcrumbs which gave all textures a chance to play. David had the fennel pappardelle which was yummy but I don't remember anything spectacular happening here. The last plate of bread was probably the most impressive, It was a dry aged beef jus filled brioche, a strange ocean tasting sponge bread which looked like a sea sponge, a grainy wheat type bread, and beet butter. The brioche was amazing, it was warm, salty from the jus, and sweet from the brioche. David ordered the country time pork which was a loin and rib served with field onion and sweet and sauer corn. The pork was good, but not amazing and I was not a fan of the corn, whatever the sauer was did not sit well with me. I ordered the smoked monkfish with charred carrots and tarragon. It was very very smoky, so much so that it was hard to eat more than a quarter of it. The fish itself was tender and the sauce was nice, but I would definitely try something else next time perhaps the duck. For dessert I had the zucchini cake with camerbert ice cream, blackberries, and basil. It was amazinnngg, the zucchini cake was kind of dry and crumbly  which was perfect for the blackberry jam and fresh cheese ice cream. The ice cream tasted just like freshly frozen camerbert, a tiny bit sweet/salty and creamy, it left me wanting more. David had the thisle brie style cheese and the blue bell roquefort. The brie was not the usual mild flavor we were used to but was stinky and pungent. We thought the meal was absolutely delicious, were less than impressed with the entrees, but the majority of the meal was good which outbalanced the bad.