Father's Day Brunch

IMG_1552IMG_1557my dad is cracking up because we wrote his name on a Coke, obviously they haven't made an Anastasius YET !

For Father's Day every year for the past few years I've done dinner with my Dad and no one else has beenhome. This year my mom, sister, husband and I were around, so we did a brunch after church. I had made these Portuguese eggs before in the Poconos and decided to give them another go around since they were so delicious. I did all the vegetable sautéing the night before so all I had to do in the morning was transfer to a porcelain dish, make divots for the ricotta, and crack the eggs. Because the whole thing is covered with cheese you can't see the quail eggs, but I cracked two itty bitty quail eggs in there just for the hell of it ! I baked it for 18minutes, but it was not quite done so I put it in for another 10. I think another 5 and then a 5 minute cooling off (eggs keep baking while this is happening) period would have been better so 23minutes total. Give these Portuguese eggs a try, they are effortless, easy to double or triple the recipe, and will impress your brunch guests!