Fall at the Stockton Market

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My friend Adrienne took me to the Stockton Market to start out our fall day. I had a pulled pork sandwich at More than Q which was probably one of the best sandwiches I've eaten all year, maybe the best pulled pork ever. The meat was juicy and a tad smokey with a sort of sweet sauce. When topped with the creamy coleslaw and right-amount-of-squish bun it really hit the spot. David had pizza from Market Pizza which was good woodfired pizza with a not too chewy crust, tasty sauce, and topped with quality meat and cheese. Finally we ended our meal with Curiosity Doughnuts. I ordered the hot cinnamon sugar first and it was unlike any doughnut I'd had before. The inside was so soft and pillowy, like biting into a sugary cloud. David kept checking to make sure it was fully cooked because it was so doughy and light. We then ordered the chocolate marble chocolate glazed which was slightly heavier, not as sweet and not as good in my mind, but my chocolate loving husband loved it. These are absolutely a must try, definitely go if you're in the area, I'm trying the buttermilk lime next time I go. We finished up our day with apple picking and a wine tasting, thanks for a good time New Jersey.