East Passyunk Restaurant Week

2014Feb22_4704 2014Feb22_4707 2014Feb22_4708 2014Feb22_4710 2014Feb22_4712 2014Feb22_4717 2014Feb22_4720 2014Feb22_4721 We live down in South Philly in the East Passyunk area and they have their own Restaurant Week separate from center city. Our first year doing this was this year although we have eaten at a few places on the Ave on our own, we picked FOND. I started with the scallop in sun choke soup and the rest of the group ordered the butternut squash soup over green curry and crab. Both were served beautifully with the server pouring the liquid portion over top of the "dry ingredients." The scallop was a little overcooked but still tasted good and paired well with the sun choke soup. The butternut squash soup was to die for, the green curry element was so different but absolutely delicious with the butternut squash and the crab. For the entree I ordered the skate over a Meyer lemon risotto with edamame in a brown butter sauce. The skate was cooked perfectly tender and was complimented well by the sauce and risotto. Everyone else ordered the braised short rib with caramelized onion spaetzle, and brussel sprouts in a Bordelaise sauce. The short rib was so tender you barely had to touch it for it to come apart and it was rich in flavor. I would not have normally put spaetzle with short rib but it was also delicious and of course brussel sprouts make everything better. Dessert was the only lackluster part of the meal but was tasty enough. We ordered both dessert choices, the lemon poppyseed cake with Meyer lemon curd and greek yogurt and the malted milk chocolate ice cream with peanut brittle, chocolate crumble and peanut butter ganache. The cake was good and I really enjoyed the crumble but after the truly magnificent meal it was subpar. I think the ice cream was the better choice but instead of it being overly rich it was a very subtle chocolate flavor, almost like Jeni's (from Ohio if you have ever tried it) which I think made sense for all of the decadent mix ins. When they gave us our check they served these little meringues which were almost potpourri-esque in flavor, I wasn't a fan, but my friend Trish liked them.

The service for the entire meal was excellent, because the servers were attentive without being overbearing and really knew their stuff. The portions were perfect for a tasting meal, all of us were able to finish our dinners and not be absolutely overstuffed which I greatly respect. Another thing that was nice about this menu was that there were items from their regular menu so you were really able to get an idea for what the restaurant is like unlike some restaurant week menus where they dumb things down. The cocktails we had were also very good. We all said we would definitely come back to eat again.