Dogfish Head Brewpub

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IMG_0446For our daycation we stayed at the Dogfish Inn which was pretty nice but a bit expensive for a motel (it was basically a motel). We went to the brewery after lunch then tried to go to Agave for dinner but there was a 4 hour wait so we ended up going to Dogfish Brewpub which we all know and love. I, as per usual, had the dog pile which is deep fried pita chips with all kinds of artichoke dip cheesy deliciousness, scallions and tomatoes. Usually its massive and I can't even finish it but they have downgraded the size which I was disappointed with because it became much less shareable. We also got the hummus which as you can see above came with an adorable dogfish shark paprika stencil and was tasty. We ordered the fried pickles (which were good but way too hot to eat), wings, and the salmon sandwich. All of the beers as usual were awesome, my two new favorites are the Kvasir and Chateau Jiahu. One of the many cool things about the brewpub is that sometimes they have brews from two different years. My brother in law ordered the Burton Baton from 2013 and the current 2015 brew and we all go to taste and compare. They were so different and it was really neat to get to try them side by side, it's crazy how much the beers can change year to year. If you're ever in Rehoboth definitely check Dogfish out for some delicious brews and pretty decent food!