Dinner at Home

So whenever I go home I like to make lots of food because I have 4-5 people to test things on and LOTs of tools :) This week we had many of those giant squash I'm sure many of your neighbors have given you, yes we had about 4 ! So I made squash soup, herbed squash and potato torte, cornbread buttermilk and chive popovers, zucchini bread, watermelon sorbetbolognese sauce with a delmonico steak served with mashed potatoes, and sugar plum crepes with ricotta and honey. The squash soup was delicious, a taste of summer but perfect for a rainy day, it had a mint pistou to spread throughout that I garnished in the shape of family members initials. The torte was good but I probably wouldn't make it again, a lot of potato flavor. The popovers were a total dud, to be honest I probably wouldn't even make popovers again if they all have that dull tasteless moist taste. The zucchini bread was delicious, nice and moist with craisins and chocolate. The bolognese was really really good, (I substituted beef for veal though) and my mom got a great cut of steak from the farmers market.