Daddy Daughter Dinner

I went home for Fathers Day because my sisters and mom were at camp and I figured someone should hang out with our one and only daddy <3 The meal started with goat cheese stuffed figs drizzled in honey wrapped in bacon, I just couldn't resist buying while at Italian Market (the figs). Try this its delicious ! Next we had rigatoni with hot sausage and arugula which was good but nothing super amazing. This was paired with Siduri Pinot Noir 2009 which my dad really liked. Finally we had buttery apple cake tart which was actually really delicious, I could have made it look better by sifting some powdered sugar but there's always next time The batter that goes on top is almost like a custard but bakes more cake like (mine bubbled over, because it does end up rising). Its nice and light but you still get that little bit of cake you want, I think its my new favorite apple dessert ! Happy Father's Day Dad !