Country Fried North Carolina

My friend Lauren was student teaching in Morganton, North Carolina near Asheville. I drove down to visit her with her fiancé Matt as a surprise. Morganton is pretty small so the first day we went to Asheville around midday (because we hadn't gotten in until like 1:30 am). First we went to a bar downtown of course meandering in and out of shops first, then we went to the Greenman Brewery.Finally we went to Tupelo Honey and had some very delicious food ( and a local beer flight). Instead of bread they start you off with these flaky awesome biscuits, honey, and jam.... I love the south. We started with fried green tomatoes over grits yum (the grits were ok, a little bland) ! I had the Zippy-de-do-Dah Sweet and Spicy Pork served with asparagus and mac and cheese, it was delicious but after all of the beer and everything I couldn't finish it, and i forgot to take a picture which is why it is in my doggie bag container :(  Lauren had the Chorizo Colossal Sea Scallops with a basil cream sauce, which was actually my favorite, I love scallops and chorizo so win-win. Matt had the Nutty Fried Chicken which was also delicious and boneless (score, most fried chicken isn't).  We ended the night (after a little break) with more drinking at a bar, dart throwing and super yummy sharp cheddar mac n cheese. All in all a great day with lots of good beer and food. 20130515-085640.jpg








On Sundays there isn't much to do other than eat and go to  church.. once again I <3 the south so we went to eat. We ate at Judges BBQ and each had a pork bbq platter in which we got to pick our sides. I had hush puppies, sweet potato fries, and baked beans with mine. The bbq sauce was a little sweet but still really good, although I feel like the pork could have been more tender, it didn't really taste slow cooked like it should. The hush puppies on the other hand were fresh and delicious as well as the fries, the beans had a strange taste to them, maybe a bit of a tang. The best part was probably the brown sugar/cinnamon butter or whatever it was to dip the fries in, could have drank that stuff yum !  The meal was accompanied on my part by sweet tea which was good but not real southern sweet tea (which I know because I had some in Kentucky). Then we went home, it was a fun trip with way too much driving and really good to see Lauren !





P.S. don't go over 80 mph on the highway once you cross the MD line on your way south ... thats a story for another time.