After coffee is roasted it is reasonably drinkable from 4-6 weeks after roasting. So if you get coffee "green" you can keep it well over a year and it won't "go bad." He orders them mail order from Sweet Maria's. Rick roasts most of his lighter than Starbucks roasts theirs. The darker your roast it the more it tastes like burnt coffee. Most of their coffees taste the same because they roast them around the same degree. Buying coffee by the cup in the store is fresh (Starbucks), but when you buy it in the grocery store or at their store it doesn't have a date when it was roasted. The coffees Rick uses are small plantations and small plots that the guy from Sweet Marias travels all over to find! Rick uses a HotTop Drum Roaster. He usually grinds and brews his coffee 3-7 days after roasting. He says if it is too harsh to let it sit for a few days to mellow out. We were lucky enough to have Rick and his wife over for dessert on Thanksgiving. The first step is to make a choice between all the coffees. My dad chose an Ethiopian one its fruity and berry like. grind for 7.6 seconds, use the special wide mouth funnel and add the grounds into the aero press, add almost boiling water, you get a lot of foam as the carbon dioxide comes out of the ground beans mix to help the foam go down add more water as the foam goes down. screw the top on, pour hot water into the mug, rinse it around to make it hot, pour the water out, flip the press over and slowly press down into the mug, add more hot water to dilute it other wise it will be VERY strong. It is better to make the coffee strong and dilute it (retaining more of the flavor) then to make weak coffee. I learned a whole lot more about coffee today then I ever thought I'd know !