Christmas Dessert



So for Christmas we always have ham, scalloped potatoes, some sort of veggie or salad and for dessert, Apple Brenton (yes this does deserved to be capitalized). This year she decided to do something different and made a pork shoulder stuffed with sausage, onions, and fennel. Mom served green beans and small baked red skin potatoes, needless to say it was delicious, BUT she did not buy apples for Apple Brenton. This year I was charged with making dessert last minute with the ingredients we had on hand. My mother suggested linzer torte and I had been jonesing to make this Smitten Kitchen recipe so I gave it a whirl. I made a few mistakes, I had the oven too hot (the oven was on convect and I am not used to baking with it next time I would turn it down to 300º ), and I forgot to pre-bake the bottom. Although it was a bit overcooked it was still delicious, we just had trouble getting it off the sides of the pan because the jam bubbled and stuck. I would definitely try this again and half the recipe as I did this time because it uses up a lot of walnuts!